Review of the Worldwide Resorts Network Against Primo Vacations

Join a travel and vacation club One of the easiest ways to save money on your hotel reservations, cruises, and vacation vacations is if you travel frequently. This article discusses two of the most popular vacation clubs, the Global Resorts Network (GRN) vs. Primo Vacations, to help you make up your mind about joining. Global Health Network is a luxury holiday club offering premium or low-cost premium holidays for up to three years, giving you significant savings. Primo Club offers unlimited access to up to 80% off hotel bookings, travel and vacation resorts and travel consultants access to help plan your dream vacation.

(GRN) offers two types of membership: gold and platinum. Gold is a three-year membership to access resorts that cost $ 398-699 per week, up to three weeks vacation per year. Membership costs $ 1495. Platinum membership costs $ 2,995 for a lifetime, offering you unlimited vacation time at 4 and 5 star resorts with a cap of $ 799 per week.

For comparison, Primo Vacations offers a life member ship for only $ 697, which is significantly lower than Global Resorts Network membership prices. This is for unlimited vacations, as opposed to the three-week limit on gold in the Global Resorts network. There is also no room price cap, generally offering you a more flexible package.

It is only clear from the prices that the World Health Network against Primo Holidays offers that Primo Holidays offer much better value for money. They both offer great discounts for premium holidays and access to premium services and VIP treatments reserved for holiday club members. Both companies offer a wide range of luxury vacations and sailing around the world. Quality assures any company, but the price of Primo vacations cannot be beaten.