You are eligible for this Sun State Travel Discount.

If your Florida vacation is in your future, find out if you have the right to travel to Sunshine State with these discounts. Although they are relatively easy, if you do not know how or where to turn to them, you will miss out on some serious savings.

Save on Toll booth!

First of all, if you have significant obesity, you may be eligible for free when it comes to Florida and other highways. Paying disabled drivers saves drivers both time and money. and although visitors are often overlooked, it is easy to obtain if you meet the minimum qualifications.

To be eligible for a disability number:

  • Valid Driver & # 39; license
  • Upper limb or obesity insufficiency that allows you to throw coins into a custom pallet basket
  • Custom car

The permit is valid for five years and can be used throughout the state-run pavilions. Just show your permission to the paid booth operator, and you're good to go. For more information about disability permits, call (800) 983-2435.

You can also apply for a Sun Pass Non-Income Mini Transformer after you receive your disability payment permit. There is a charge of $ 4.95 for this electronic device, which is attached to the front glass, allowing users to pass through unmanned booths without any charge.

For more information on the Sun Pass non-revenue mini transmitter, call the Florida Department of Transportation on the (561) 488-5344.

State Park Savings

In addition, service-disabled veterans may receive free military entry, which would be good for admission to all Florida State Parks. The transition to this life is valid for up to eight people, with the exception of Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife and Weeki Wachee Springs, where it is useful for up to two people.

Proof of identification, service-related disability and honorable discharge required. Eligible documents include:

  • Valid Driver & # 39;
  • Documents from the Department of Defense or another service-related disability agency.
  • DD Form 214, showing honorary charge.

Passage to the military can only be obtained at any sack in the State of Florida personally. Surviving spouses and parents of US military personnel killed in hostilities are also eligible for this checkpoint.

Distinguished Veterans can also receive up to 25% off individual or family passes. These transitions, which are valid for one year, are good for admission to all parks. A valid driver's license and DD Form 214 are required to obtain the discount. and, like the military access pass, it can only be obtained in person.

And if you do not qualify for any of these crossings but plan to visit a number of sacks in the state of Florida, you can still save some money by purchasing an individual or family passport. These transitions are good for a year and can be accessed at any state park entrance. An individual pass costs $ 60, while a family pass costs $ 120.

So plan ahead, bring your documents, and save some on your next Florida vacation.

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