Parking wheelchair made for children and teachers some & # 39; and

My husband is in a wheelchair. If the electric wheelchair, a high-tech and so hard, I could not push him, if the battery is discharged. I am his main caregiver, which expands the role, and requires careful planning. Although I am happy to become a driver, I'm not always happy with the parking spaces for wheelchairs.

The other day we decided to eat at the restaurant a few blocks from our house. We ate there before, thought that the food is good, and were pleased with parking. Front of the restaurant there are two places for wheelchairs and two more near. I was about to go into a certain space near the front door when the car is to relax with a & # 39; driving and parked.

I could not believe my eyes. Three passengers, none of them are disabled, out of the car and entered the restaurant. "If I see them, I tell you something," I said angrily. "It was scary to do."

"Do not worry," said my husband. "It does not change." But some things need to change. Parking for people with disabilities – is a service for people who are attached to the wheelchair. Illegal parking in areas with limited possibilities – a selfish act, plain and simple.

In Minnesota, where I live, if you illegally is parked in a wheelchair space, a fine of 225 US dollars. To collect such fine you need to catch the person who illegally parked. Also, I do not think that the police check these spaces very often.

Two years have passed since I first became a teacher of my husband. During this time I learned to prepare for the parking lot wheelchair. Your loved one can also be in a wheelchair, and you can prepare by following these tips.

  • Examine the adjustment. Ride a day or two ahead and look for a parking place for people with disabilities.
  • Check parking. Do they have a parking area for wheelchairs? There is room for a ramp to go outside?
  • Call the restaurant. Ask if someone has a place for someone. Despite the fact that the restaurants should be accessible for wheelchairs, space is often limited.
  • Allow extra time. I have found that we need twice as much time than ever to get to places.
  • Hang a ticket for parking in the rear-view mirror. Our pre-owned wheelchair also has a label asking people to park eight feet from the van.
  • Eye ball park. Like me, you may need additional space to lower the ramp, and for your loved one with a & # 39; to go out of it.
  • Check the right circles. The wheels on the chair my husband suddenly black, and one stayed on the rim of the ramps. I called for help, and grandson could call 911.
  • Thank you good people. People who open doors for you and keep them open, friendly and deserve your gratitude.
  • Get the number of rooms . If you notice that the car illegally parked, record numbers and report them to the police.
  • Write a letter to the editor. Remind people about disabled parking rules. Nobody asks for people with disabilities, and your loved one has to adapt to their situation and to disabled parking.
  • Be kind to yourself. Do not let bad experiences parking ruin your day. You and your loved one together, and it's a blessing.