How to find the best type of wood for making chopsticks

Are you looking for the best wood to carve gait? This article will give you a Biology lesson that will define the quality of different woods that are recommended for cutting. This forest is highly recommended for any thread that you want to do.

Biology lesson will be short, and it determines the difference between hardwoods and conifers. Deciduous trees – angiosperms, flowering plants. Conifers belong to gymnosperms and in fact with the & # 39 are more primitive than the angiosperms. If you examine the trunk of hardwood and softwood, you will see a clear difference in the wood when comparing the two.

The economic importance of the angiosperms, flowering plants – the products they produce. The list is long, but the categories of products & # 39 is (1) foods – vegetables, grains, fruits, nuts, (2) Asylum – lumber and other uses of the forest (oak, mahogany, walnut, maple, etc. ).; clothing fiber – cotton, and (3) drugs, etc. … and the list goes on. Contrasting conifers, the greatest economic importance are sources of lumber, timber, fuel and other structural materials. Conifers, or gymnosperms have pines such as Douglas fir, redwood, spruce, fir, cedar, cypress, and others.

Well, there are types of hardwood that meet many specialized needs. Because of the physical and external properties of some hardwoods prefer furniture, paneling, building, floor, etc. …. The forest, which is used for carving, may also be included in the list of specialized needs.

Forest, which should be considered for cutting sticks – a personal choice, and some of the common forest, you need to consider – is aspen, basswood, birch, red cedar, dumber, Hickory, lemon and yellow poplar. The thread, which I have attached to the aspen chopsticks, carved from linden. In the author's resources, refer to the URL I think, to see what can be done with lime. It's easy to cut, grind and polish if desired.

And linden and dumber – a very popular wood for carving. Rhode linden – TILIA, and the view – Americana. Genus and species of the southern linden – a TILIA heterophylla. Lipa with a & # 39 is one of the softest hardwoods in the normal commercial use. Basswood is considered excellent even grain and exceptional resistance. It cuts easily with a sharp knife. Lipa is found to some extent throughout the Eastern United States, and half timber in the region of Lake Superior. Northern Basswood is considered superior to the south margin. Aspen in recent years has become a popular substitute for basswood.

Dumber and black gum are very similar to lime. Rod – is NYSSA, and the view – and biflora.The sylvatica trees grow in the marshy areas of the eastern half of the United States. They are soft hardwoods and excellent for cut of birds, fishes and swing baits. This tree is cut extremely well with a sharp knife.

You can purchase this carved wood, by going to the Internet. Enter your search engine stocks linden. In Minnesota and Wisconsin have many suppliers. If you do not have access to aspen to be used for the wand, use the Internet and go to TreelineUSA. In this company there are many different types of wood, with which you can start a project hadovay sticks. Although I do not have a large supply of aspen, I can supply you with aspen stick and sticky linden drapes from head to stick duck or, if you like owls, great horned stick to spoil. I encourage you to begin to make a thread as it is a wonderful hobby and with practice you hooked.