1961-62 Top Hockey NHL Most Valuable Goalkeeper card

In the years 1960-61 Montreal Kanadyen led the six-year National Hockey League in the regular season of time. "New York Rangers" and "Boston Bruins" like broken record, did not pass the qualification in the playoffs of the Stanley Cup. When it came to the playoffs, Canadians have made early retirement, and that Sheha Blekhaks Chicago won the Stanley Cup championship in six games over the "Detroytskim Red Wings".

Noting NHL season 1960-61, Topps issued its own set of hockey cards 1961-62. The set consists of 66 cards featuring players from the Chicago Blackhawks, New York Rangers and Boston Bruins. In addition, he said the first year, when the checklist card has been activated. Checklist 1961-62 Topps has the highest book value equal to the value of the hockey card Bobby Hull. As for the newcomers in the set was dominated by Jean Ratel and Rhod Gilbert, both of the New York Rangers.

Among the most valuable cards in the set – three goalkeepers. One of the goalkeepers was from the New York Rangers, and the other two – from Chicago Blekhaks. The situation with the gate in Boston began rioting, and the only card, which presents the goalkeeper Bruin, is estimated as an ordinary card.

Glenn Hall – Chicago Blekhaks

Map number 32 belongs to Glenn Hall and has a price of $ 60. Hall played all 70 games of the regular season in Chicago in 1960-61's, sending an average of 2.51 goals and recorded six transports. It was his sixth of seven consecutive seasons, spending all 70 games for his club.

In the years 1960-61, Glenn was denied "Vezina Trophies" award – Johnny Bower Toronto Maple Leafs. In 1962-63 years he won his first of three trophies "Vezina". Hall played in the National Hockey League from 1952-53 for the 1970-71 years to "Detroit", "Chicago" and "St. Regis" Louis Blues. It was introduced in the Hall of Fame hockey in 1975.

Denis De Jordy – Chicago Blekhaks

Map with newcomers belonging to the goalkeeper included Topps 1961-62, Denis DeZhordi card number 37 is estimated at $ 40. Interestingly, the DeJordy did not see its first shares to the 1962-63 NHL's five-game between the pipes for the black hawks. 1960-61 season, he shared with "Bafalami-Bison" of the American Hockey League and the Sault Ste. Maria greyhound with EPHL. In the years 1961-62, he played 69 games for the bison.

DeZhordi played in the NHL for the 1973-74 to 1962-63. Denis with the & # 39; appeared with the Blackhawks, Los Angeles Kings Montreal Canadiens and Detroit Red Kryls.

Gump Worsley – New York Rangers

Map number 50 in the set of Topps 1961-62 belongs to Lorne & # 39; Gump & # 39; Worsley from the New York Rangers is estimated at $ 40. In 1960-61 years Worsley played 59 games with the Rangers by sending a 3.30 goals against average, and contains a single stop.

Gump played in the NHL for the 1973-74 to 1952-53 years with Ranger, Montreal, Canadiens and Minnesota North Star. It was introduced in the Hall of Fame hockey in 1980.

What's wrong with Boston?

"Don Head" – the only goalkeeper 1963-62 biennium. "Boston Bruins". In the 1961-62 season he played only 38 games with the NHL with Boston. As can be seen, the map 1961-62 years – the only hockey card Head.

In the years 1960-61 the Don Simmons and Bruce Gamble played for the Bruins. Simmons went to Toronto for the 1962-63 season. Gamble played 52 games for Boston in 1960-61 and 28 in 1961-62 for the team, but the card is not from the novice & # 39 appeared to 1962-63. After 1961-62. His next game in the NHL have not gone up to the 1965-66 years as a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs.